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Hi! Check out our personal task-manager app design 🧡

✍️This app helps users to plan out their work routine, create tasks and sub-tasks!

The app works like this 👇

1. 🗓️User sees a calendar with all of his work that’s planned and chooses a specific day.

2. Now the user can see all of his tasks for the day and rearrange them. Change the order and durations, and even open them up and check-off completed sub-tasks.🧮

🔲The primary colors are white, black and gray. For contrast, we chose bright crimson accents💓 that give the app a feeling of movement and life.

With this app, users can easily rearrange tasks on a timeline, change their duration and even plan out the breaks between them!💫

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Interface by Natasha Chirkova

Motion by Ivan Nesterov

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