Creating a subtle yet recognizable brand

At Built by Field, we created a subtle brand and fully editable website for PARK™ Production House that compliment the imagery of the client’s high quality production work.

Brand definition

The brand uses two complementing fonts, one serif and one sans serif, to create a sense of balance and tension. The serif font brings a sense of tradition and elegance, while the sans serif font brings a sense of modernity and simplicity. By carefully pairing these two contrasting font styles, we aimed to create a cohesive and visually striking brand identity that ultimately complimented PARK™ Production House’s work more than anything else.

We typeset the brand with GT Walsheim and GT Sectra Fine by Grilli Type - one of our favourite independent type foundries.

A website designed to compliment

We designed the website to compliment the work of PARK™ Production House by creating a simple and clean layout that puts the focus on the production house's portfolio. The website's minimalist design allows the stunning visuals and impressive work of PARK™ Production House to take centre stage, making it easy for visitors to appreciate and engage with the production house's offerings.


Pages fluidly transition from one to another with minimal animation in keeping with the understated brand aesthetic.

Staggered masonry

The homepage functions as a gallery of projects organized in a “masonry” pattern. We offset each column on scroll for effect.

Maximizing photography

We oriented project pages horizontally to maximize the impact of each image. This meant swapping the orientation of the scroll on project pages. To further this effect, we had projects load continuously, allowing visitors to effectively scroll between projects infinitely.

We pushed ourselves to make every moment memorable while strikingly simple as wanted the website to increase the effect of the photography, not draw away from it.


Of course, the website is friendly on mobile devices and small screens. We flip projects into a vertical orientation, but retain the transitions and column scroll offsets.

Headless CMS

We introduced for content management, decoupling the content and its structure from the requirements of the front-end code.

Multi-platform consistency

Does it work on social? It has to. The grid effect, photo-forward visuals lend themselves to Instagram and other platforms.

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