Hello there! πŸ€

I wanted to present you my realization of renders for Nanovo. In the first stage, my task was to sketch the idea of mock-ups. ✏

In this publication, I will show you the first stage - sketch and render. In the next one, I will present the finished render and the animation I have introduced ✨

But first about Nanovo.

About Nanovo:

Nanovo is a company dedicated to innovation in commercial spaces. Their flagship product is the proprietary SIGNIO technology, βš™ thanks to which they offer digital communication with the client.Β 

Their products are used in the innovative paths of the consumer. πŸ›’ The customer uses interactive boards, digital posters or digital devices through which he places orders or looks for information. πŸ‘Œ

How I worked:

As I mentioned, my task was to present the product and the company's idea in the form of renders that were supposed to be on the new Nanovo website. πŸ™Œ

I proposed to create a space in which all elements related to the Nanovo company coexist. In my initial sketches you can also see the notes I wrote down to describe and explain my idea. πŸ—’ The renderings I made are the Nanovo space: product, client, technology, positive and safe space.

βŒβ¬†οΈ Here is the rejected render because it was to realistic for the NANOVO website look and feel but I think its kind a shame to do not share it with you guys! 😈😊

The final renders

Here you are the final ones that takes place in NANOVO website. βœ…

Let me know what you think about this stage of my work for Nanovo.✌️

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