Lease a Bike (+ Jumbo Visma linkup)

Together with Freshu we took on the challenge to redesign the Lease a Bike logo in 2021. We landed on a beautiful modern sans-serif word-mark with a clever touch on the "b" resembling the front side of a bike.

If you live or visited the Netherlands, it is highly likely you came across a bicycle related sign (the blue cycle path sign is the most common). Got inspired by the comparison I saw between the front wheel and fork of a bicycle and the stem and bowl of the letter b. To make the bicycle more pronounced, we revised the handle afterwards. 

Logo featured on the 2023 Jumbo Visma jersey

Lease a Bike recently partnered up with Team Jumbo-Visma (Winner Tour de France 2022) as a sub-sponsor, that means the Lease a Bike logo will be visible on the cycling jersey throughout 2023.

Paul von Excite
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