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Hello there! Check out our new task manager app design 🧡

This app allows teams to plan and distribute time on different work tasks, with complete control of every function!

On the shot you see: 👇

🌟a main screen with a current project, team responsible for it and the time they spent on it. Also, at the very end of the page, you can see the manager’s name and all the ongoing task-cards.

💪a task screen, where you can see its status, time spent on the task, its description and the info on a person who is working on it.

🕶️Dark theme with navy blue🫐 accents lends a sense of security and stability to the app

This app allows managers to see complete time stats on every employee personally and even lets managers to manage every timer remotely!⌛

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Want to develop your own app? Check our article to get started.

Interface by Maria Butina

Motion by Maria Shor

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