Mast Brothers Chocolate Detail

With the help of Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn, I designed five Venezuelan themed bars of chocolate.

Mast Bros pour a specific bar of chocolate (The Grand Cru) made from Cacao Beans from Chuao, Venezuela. After learning this on a tour of the factory, I got the idea to create this limited run of the bars as a birthday gift for my Venezuelan girlfriend, Mariana.

The designs are all scenery or landmarks from Venezuela. Check out the attachment for the full set. From left to right, they are:

- Margarita Island
- Los Roques (tiny vacation island)
- Angel Falls (tallest waterfall in the world)
- Avila + Caracas (mountain range that Caracas, the capital, sits in)
- Araguaney Tree (national tree)

Printed digitally on a 32lbs matte stock, felt textured. Trimmed and hand wrapped myself in the Wrapping Room™ at the factory. Special thanks to Mast Bros for being so awesome and helpful.

Posted on Jul 5, 2011

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