Project management dashboard (Full case)

Manage your projects on a new level

Today, we have prepared a concept for you here that is very close to a real product, and you can see its interesting and wonderful features, check out while scrolling down to write me your comment about this dashboard.


Definitely, in this concept, we see the small and golden points of the world's design techniques so that we can see this excellent result, which is a project management dashboard.

Here you will see the mobile version 👇🏻

In the design of the mobile version of this lovely and practical dashboard, an attempt has been made to make working with it a pleasant task.

The add dropdown is displayed after hovering the mouse over the add button 👇🏻

We also have the calendar dropdown here 👇🏻

Some components 👇🏻

What are your thoughts on this? shout out in the comments!

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