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What is Pataa:-

The Pataa app is based on an innovative concept that simplifies your long complex address into a unique short code that is easy to share, remember, search and navigate. No more explaining and typing of addresses repeatedly. Pataa's smart and seamless digital addressing solution simplifies all the issues that arise due to complex addresses and optimizes commuting, navigation, logistics and last-mile delivery. The navigation technology lets you minimise fuel wastage and your carbon footprint too!

1. Create your own short code for your long address

2. Search & navigate to exact location with precise blocks

3. Guide address with your own recorded voice.

7M+ users using the app

Pataa Website

Pataa Playstore

Pataa App Store

My Role:-

Wireframes, User Research, Market Analysis, User Testing, Information Architecture, User Interface, User Experience, Data Analysis, User Retention

Problems with the old version:-

1. Low user conversion rate.

2. The app looks dated and not very human.

3. Confusing and complex to use

4. Inconsistent and not harmonious

5. Not have emotional connection with the users


We worked on the app primarily focused on making it easy and relevant. We did some initial user testing that allows us to diagnose the problems and then we crafted multiple drafts to come up with the best possible solution. We thrive on making the app more accessible, and human. I will share more updates soon. A case-study regarding the in-depth study is in WIP. Will share it soon.

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