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Hey guys, here is where I will start to tell you about the product and what I have done. Design system is the core of each application and this is what I have stated from when development of the product began. Of course it wasn't made in one moment. We were developing it all the way along the design process of the app starting from the basics like color palette, navigation, buttons, inputs etc. to complex solutions of filtering, graph workspace and table system. Important thing is that we were keeping Apres' design system always flexible, so that after testing or receiving new feedback we could quickly make any changes and they will impact the whole app within a short time.


Apres is the operating system for the AI-driven organization. The platform helps both technical and non-technical teams optimize AI models by finding hidden information in data, generating human-readable explanations for model decisions, and providing transparency into AI operations. This goes beyond traditional machine-learning management to create powerful new data, drawing on the expertise of people to drive better decisions. The result is giant leaps in performance.

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I’m a user-centric product designer, focused on creating products that users love and brands that imprints in peoples’ hearts. Multidisciplinary approach gives me the complete freedom to create and improve all sides of your company needs.

Feel free to contact me within my mail denisbldrv@gmail.com or here. Follow me on my Instagram and Behance for more works.

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