My wife and I moved to Pembroke Massachusetts a couple of years ago. I was doing a little research on the history of the town and ended up going down a rabbit hole. I learned that the town's ponds, streams, and marshes are the home of herring which were a prized resource back in the day. So much so, that in 1741, the town began regulating the taking and preservation of the fish. The herring are celebrated each year at the town's annual "Grande Old Fish Fry". There's even a little poem I found which goes "Herrin' up, herrin' down, Herrin' all about the town ! Herrin' be Pembroke's joy and pride; If it hadn't been for herrin', old Pembroke would have died."

For fun, I thought I'd make a little herrin' event logo to commemorate the historical event in my town. I took inspiration from the great Jay Fletcher's 239 Flies & Outfitters shot from a few years ago.

Matt Henriksen-Brown
Hello! I'm Brand & UI Designer from Boston.

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