Flexspace Observatory – Exploration

Sharing something cool from our recent project, Flexspace Observatory by Nexudus.

The client

Flexspace Observatory, operated by Nexudus, is a place for insights into flexible working habits across the world. Nexudus is the leading white-label platform for managing coworking and scaling up coworking spaces. Nexudus works with 2500+ workspace operators across 90+ countries for more than 10 years so far.

The challange

We strived to create a new space for such deep analysis and insights. Starting from the branding side, we had the challenge of creating a meaningful brand behind the data that would be shown to the world. The website itself was carefully designed to present relevant data and analysis in the best possible way, leading to numerous different typography, color, and layout explorations. In the end, our development team stepped in to take care of making it alive and accessible for all.

The solution

We provided a consistent Design System and different visuals with a high level of flexibility so they could be used for the growing and extending data environment. Also, we carefully designed how the data will be presented to the users so everyone can easily understand its complex analysis. In the end, we coded the complete report and website using HTML/CSS and HighCharts integration based on the actual data the client provided.

We are BB Agency

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