Armi landing page

I have been thinking on making something like this for very long. I wanted to show that by just making great design every kind of product can look good. I recently saw also a shot on dribbble that did the same thing and made me take the effort to designs this.

I don't want to advertise guns i am totally against. But the problem is that i love them as a designs. They do have a lot of details and i think is a really awesome piece of art.

The concept of the page is when the apocalypse will happen and zombies will be all around this is the product you will need to buy most.

Sorry if some of you might be offended by seeing guns, to make that up for you go and check this other project where you can make your eyes happy with wonderful mobile app designs.

If you like this rebound and i am really happy to see what you guys can make with different kind of products.

This is not real project. And is not meant to advertise guns.
Choose to use guns as products because i think they are beautiful designed products.

Press L and show me some love :)

See the Preview attached for all the page details.

Posted on Apr 30, 2015

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