Glyphs By GSIX


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  1. David Silva David Silva

    We released this very basic pack a few months ago because we needed them for various projects.

    Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Forrst were all done by hand (no live-trace here!) Dribbble was taken from the available guidelines download page here on

    Please download them and feel free to use them any way you'd like (no attributions required, just please dont redistribute them). I think you'll see that these vectors are about as accurate as they get. The colors are also the official brand colors and you can use them simply by turning off the layer styles.

    A new update is coming this week!

    almost 3 years ago

  2. Matt Dobson Matt Dobson

    These are really nice. Will definitely use them at some point.

    almost 3 years ago

  3. David Silva David Silva

    Thanks, Matt! Would love to see them in action.

    almost 3 years ago

  4. almost 3 years ago

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