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Hey dribbblocutioners,

Here is something I’m doing for myself. In an effort to escape the algorithm, I’m going to start doing an email newsletter/substack. Kinda done with the opaque, constantly shifting slot machine that is posting work on IG. I feel I can never be totally sure anyone is actually going to see the stuff I share, and is that kind of the whole point — from both a business and personal connection perspective?

Anyhow, I’ll have more to say on that — in addition to more behind-the-scenes stuff, stuff I’ve been inspired by, songs I’m jamming to, biz stuff, etc — in the newsletter itself. Hope you’ll subscribe, and hope to have some real honest-to-god conversations with like-minded folks. Not up and running yet but will be soon!

Hope you're swell.




Hi, I’m Brent. I run a graphic design and branding studio here on planet earth. I help artists, small businesses, and humans of all stripes make their ideas real and real beautiful. 

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