Cœur - iOS Music Player UI

Approach an elegant, unique, yet fresh way to a new Mobile app Music Player Experience with the beauty Cœur.

Checkout the Demo here

Cœur will breakthrough your user interface approach especially on Mobile Music Player Experience with:

  1. 30+ Predefined & Customizable Screens
  2. 25+ Molecule Components
  3. Neat Local Styles
  4. Color Tokens
  5. Typography (Inter as Primary Font)
  6. Mini Icon Set

Of course... 

All tokens, components and pre-defined screens are well organised and easy to modify.

A bit advice...

  1. Modify your color tokens to match your project's branding guidelines
  2. Easily modify the master molecule components for further changes and let it automatically applies to all related screens
  3. Attach your own image and contents on each molecule components to match your project's branding
  4. You'll get .fig (Figma) file, you can easily reach me out by email or contact me for further access detail.
  5. Use Unsplash, Faker & many other useful plugins on Figma to define your contents

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