Fitthree - Food Rebrand Design

FITTHREE is a personalised nutrition company delivering ready-to-eat food that's customised for diet, taste and lifestyle. We serve the Singaporean population who have chosen to eat specific diets for their health.


  • Life Balance : good food for diet and lifestyle, conveniently delivered.

  • Community : we support our communities, the local chefs we partner with, the gyms and fitness businesses

  • Transparency : transparency in sourcing, transparency in our process

  • Sustainability : sourcing responsibly, reducing food waste, reducing carbon emissions


Target Audience

  • Intentional or mindful eaters

  • Young professionals.

The goal for this project was to make sure fitthree stands out in the market and to portray their values visibly. We used pattern as an opportunity to add individual icons that represent life balance, community, transparency and sustainability.

Solid FT logo symbol was designed as a way of symbolising their initials (Fit and Three) in a connecting way because we stand together with our community. Pattern is designed in a same way for brand's consistency.

Emir Kudic
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