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Meet Boba, our illustration pack inspired by the Boba tea culture. These characters have rounded shapes, and their heads slightly detached from bodies.

The pack features a wide variety of characters, all designed in a playful and friendly style. They have various options for skin tone, hair color, and clothing, allowing designers to create illustrations that are unique and tailored to their specific project needs.

Take a look at our very first sketches. This is where it begins.

Then, we added volume and colors.

Speaking about the colors. It was quite hard to pick the color palette. These are the variants we had:

We decided to pick the last one. But mark the first, purple version, you will see where it appears 😉

* * * * * *

One of the key features of this illustration pack is the wide range of characters and poses available. Whether you need a character to represent a specific profession, hobby, or emotion, this pack has you covered. The characters are also designed to be visually consistent, making it easy to mix and match different characters in the same design.

You can easily recolor them and combine as you like using our online tool Mega Creator:

This pack is also a great avatar collection. You can download these illustrations in SVG format to mix and match their heads and hairstyles.

We decided to simplify this illustration pack. Now, each illustration has a small set of colors that can be easily changed to the corporate colors of any project. Yes, this is where we see purple again!

We also created lots of compositions on different topics with just objects. For both color variants: colored and simplified.

Explore colorful Boba illustrations here.

Or choose minimalistic purple version here.

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