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Experimenting with statistics based navigation. The icons need work to communicate their meaning (left is articles, right is 'shared' – referring to a stream of flickr photos, dribbble shots, tweets etc that are integrated in a stream on my site).

There's a yellow-ish 3rd item to the right, you can see it in the attachment I've added. Combined with the shades of red, blue, darkgrey and some soft earth tones I think I am quite happy with the colorscheme.

I'm also working on refactoring my 'logo' (see attachment); I want my name as a webfont instead of a graphic, like it is on my current site. Not sure how I will capture the worn feel it has now. At this point, I've just pasted in the old logo and replaced my name with clean type. So that whole area there needs a lot of attention still.

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