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Plum: Home Automation Concept

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Plum: Home Automation Concept ios funsize concept iphone security home automation purple skeumorphic connected home

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This is a concept I worked on for an existing product, Plum, that helps automate lighting in your home. You can control rooms, zones, or specific lights through the app. The dimmer switch is also a multi-touch touchpad interface, which is where the skeuomorphic representation of the second screen comes from.

As a part of our Fridays (and part of an initiative we've tentatively named Funsize Ventures), we've started offering start-ups looking for quick design help the ability to work with us for one day on something that can be accomplished within that one day. This concept was a part of that!

Check out the larger detailed view

Shout out to @Phi Hoang for being my partner on this. I'm sure you'll be seeing his concept soon (I hope). :)

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