Yesterday, a disaster on the other side of the planet hit home.

Some days you drive two and a half hours to spend the day getting away and the second you get to your destination you get an urgent call from your boss telling you there's been an earthquake in Nepal and thousands of people have died.

I hopped in the car and drove approx 90mph the whole way home. This wasn't a normal charity: water project. Disaster relief isn't something we normally do. But we have two local partners in Nepal and there's no way we could sit back and watch this happen without trying to do something. It would be against everything charity: water stands for. Give where the need is greatest.

The whole team dropped everything on a Saturday to make this happen. Coding sites from the ground up, trying to develop a branding system in under two hours, figuring out all the facts about a disaster 7,500 miles away, and deciding how to convey the situation properly and accurately to our audience. The team literally worked through the night.

I didn't join charity: water to end the water crisis. I joined charity: water because of their guts, their drive, and their dream to change the way charity is done all together. This is by no means the best or most solid mark I have ever created, but it stands for something so much more than I can explain.

Head over to and consider donating. 100% of your gift will fund the most urgent needs for earthquake survivors. I also attached an instagram image that anyone can post, giving isn't just measured by dollar amounts. Awareness can be just as valuable.

Posted on Apr 26, 2015
charity: water
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