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  1. Joel Glovier Joel Glovier

    Reworked my site's header tonight. Wanted to make it vertically shorter, and so I made the twitter feed a bit more compact.

    This is the :hover state for the twitter feed area.

    Also going to make the nav sticky when you scroll down past it...but not tonight. :-)

    almost 3 years ago

  2. Ali Ali


    almost 3 years ago

  3. Project 365 Project 365

    just had a look at your site, fantastic job! love it


    almost 3 years ago

  4. Joel Glovier Joel Glovier

    Thanks guys!

    almost 3 years ago

  5. Michel Bozgounov Michel Bozgounov

    Love the new design! Stylish!

    (Might "steal" even a few ideas for my own personal site re-design in the next months, hehe...)


    almost 3 years ago

  6. Kevin Harris Kevin Harris

    Joel you make everything with such awesomeness. I bow down before your greatness. I am not worthy to be in your presence.

    But seriously - it looks great man. Great work!

    almost 3 years ago

  7. Joel Glovier Joel Glovier

    @Kevin lol you are such a goofball. But thanks for the good words (and the silly ones).

    almost 3 years ago

  8. Jeremiah Wingett Jeremiah Wingett

    Nice layout dude. Solid work.

    over 1 year ago

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