Neumorphic Audio Plugin

A new kind of vocal plugin

Introducing X-Vox, a vocal plugin with a neumorphic design that adds depth and dimension to your vocals. The intuitive controls and wide range of effects make it easy to craft the perfect sound for your music. The neumorphic design elements give a cohesive and stylish touch to your audio workflow.

How it's made

Designing X-Vox was a labor of love. We wanted to create a vocal plugin that was not only functional, but also visually appealing. To achieve this, we used Figma to design all of the elements in the plugin, including the neumorphic style. We believe that using Figma allowed us to have greater control over the design process and ensured that all elements were perfectly cohesive.

Why no 3D softwares

Designing X-Vox was a unique challenge. We wanted to create a vocal plugin with a modern and stylish look, but we also wanted to avoid the tedious process of exporting assets from 3D software. That's where Figma came in. By using Figma to design all of the elements in the plugin, we were able to eliminate the need for 3D software and streamline the workflow.

We hope you enjoy using X-Vox as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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