Organic Architecture. Sketches




Location: India

Required type of architecture: Organic

Problems to solve:

1. Housing problem in the city

2. traffic is busy, commuters spend a lot of time travelling to work

3. High crime rate, poor and homeless people

4. High rate of unemployment

5. Many bucinesses have closed down on recent years

6. the area is at risk from earthquakes

7. People wish to create an independent state

8. temperatures often reach 45 C


1. A huge number of rooms

2. The option to organize remote work (Wifi, separated sector)

3. To create a sector what can be controlled  (web, video cameras)

4. Approved by engineers construction what can protect from the climate change (earthquake)

5. To create a building what can be developed to the constructive ensemble 

6. It is very easy to install a ventilation system for each unit and make it constructive. Unit ventilation system can control the temperature in each unit, enabling energy savings.

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