Fintech Enterprise SaaS Design & UX Overhaul

Atominvest is an award-winning enterprise asset management software that powers 40k+ global users across 20k companies with $1trn+ AUM.


Engineering-companies focus on features, which is great but often as the product grows they can become inconsistent and feel bloated. This slows down development and impacts the UX.


Simplify their application for customers, speed up development cycles, and deliver a modern, consistent user experience (UX).


Great customer feedback. Better UX and a modular design system helping devs release features rapidly.

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UI overhaul
smoother UX

Transitions and loading are a big part of the UX. As part of our deliverables we provide prototypes and guidance.

Spacing, typography, colours all built into one design system with dev guidelines.

We also provided in-depth interaction guidance across hundreds of states and flows.

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