Colin Devroe

Draft 1: The Watercolor Gallery Logo Mark

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Draft 1: The Watercolor Gallery Logo Mark learning h2ocolor logo mark

I'm a programmer and product manager but I've always wanted to try to stretch my design muscle. To that end, late last week I began on a sort of design journey. I've tasked myself with 10 design projects in order to learn some basic design principles. The tasks include things like this logo mark for my own online gallery of inspirational watercolor paintings, to a fake band named Biped Purple Goats (more on this in the future).

Draft 1: The Watercolor Gallery Logo Mark

This shot is the result of me dabbling with an idea for The Watercolor Gallery's logo mark. My initial thought was that the W would create a sort of paintings-on-a-wall or open window feeling (I'm a creature of the sun). This was likely my second or third iteration for this mark. I decided to stick with this idea and pull the string a bit further. See upcoming shots.

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