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Dodge Challenger Matchbox Superfast

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Dodge Challenger Matchbox Superfast

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Hey there everyone,

This is a rule of thumb estimate illustration of a Dodge Challenger, or the Dodge Challenger Matchbox Superfast from 1975, which I got from my dad when I was a little kid. I don't have kept many things from my childhood, but these matchbox/es really mean a lot to me... Attached you can see the actual matchbox,... it looks kinda "used" - and it is. My brother tried to "respray" the white parts of matchbox when he discovered some nail polish from our mom... after everything was a pink mess, we sanded the whole thing and ended up with this - let's call it - Wabi-Sabi approach of a toy.

The seconde version that is shown by this gif comes close to the original painting, while the first version is basically the color scheme I used when i started to work on this piece - and the last frame uses my brand colors and thicker lines...

So yes, that's it, thank you for your time and attention, have a great day.

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