UI concept of delivery web and mobile app


Well, hello everyone

I would like to open the year 2023 with a new concept of a web/mobile application for a start-up specializing in parcel deliveries using methods that help to care for the environment as much as possible. The presentation includes the name, landing page, logo, mobile view and a mobile app sneak peek.


Mobile display

Because of a fact that 62% of current internet traffic is generating by mobile devices it would be an unforgivable faux pah to not include the mobile view design in this small case study so, here it is. Enjoy and let me know what you think about this idea.

Thank you for your attention!

In case of any thoughts or constructive feedback just go ahead and 🏀 shoot. Obviously, don't forget to hit the like 🧡 We’re open for new projects so go ahead and drop us a line at hello@tsh.io



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