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The client

Apres is the operating system for the AI-driven organization. Engaged AI accelerates AI improvement by finding hidden information in data, providing rich explanations for model decisions, and giving companies transparency into their AI systems. Company goes beyond traditional machine-learning management to create powerful new data, drawing on the expertise of people to drive better decisions. The result is giant leaps in performance.

The challenge

With an ambitious goal to become the leading company in the engaged AI market Apres came to me. Full redesign of the company’s brand starting from logo design, defining visual communication voice to a brand new website where they’d be able to show their product in all its beauty.

The logo

The key of identity design formation takes the symbol. The shape of it is made of four sectors which represent data exploration that is going far beyond the bounds of well known data science approaches, direct cooperation on every stage  of workflow, leading to brilliant results and insights and model performance you've never seen before

The hardest thing on this stage was to connect all valuable aspects of the Apres' services into a simple and recognizable form that would reflect point where AI data science meets enterprise needs.

Brand identity

Wise, confident and a bit mysterious the deep purple becomes the main brand color paired with four other supplementary colors, this palette created a true feeling of the product. We didn't stop on this and through many experiments I created a 3d bubble which blended colors the way we were feeling but no one could describe it, displaced surface brought a feeling of transparency and endless analyzing process accompanied with a bright colorful heart which conveyed human approach to AI engineering.


Apres' colorful heart kept its presence in an explainational video that was placed as key visual on the hero section of the web site. This short film was created to show the approach of the product, how the application analyzes data, discovering new insights with complete explanation of everything. This was a moment where we added the new element to our identity, spheres which represent data. This metaphor gave us the freedom to tell any story we want and be always consistent in this way.


The key feature of the app was explanation, it was implemented with automatically generated narratives which can describe any relationships between data. To underline this ability I picked the pair of two typefaces where serif one was meant to convey the idea of narratives, stories taking its origin from being used to tell stories in books, while sans-serif was called up to be a representative of the modern world. Together with new graphics they created a perfect balance between something known and the future.

About me

I’m a user-centric product designer, focused on creating products that users love and brands that imprints in peoples’ hearts. Multidisciplinary approach gives me the complete freedom to create and improve all sides of your company needs.

Feel free to contact me within my mail denisbldrv@gmail.com or here. Follow me on my Instagram and Behance for more works.

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