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[Mockup] LG Website mockup lg website company sketch

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Whenever I visit a companies' website other than (with few exceptions) I see websites, that don't seem to care about their website. Inconsistency, different branding on every page, no clear throughts and simply no appeal. is one of those websites. Here is my take on their homepage and their mobile-section:

On the homepage there should be an overview about current products LG offers. They don't have to necessarily be from one category only. In my mockup there is a smartphone, a display, watches and a refrigerator (yep, LG makes those, too). They are described by a simple sentence to tease them. I retained their "HOT TOPIC" section because that could be used for a company blog.

On the mobile site I tried to clean up their line-up a bit. They produce a ton of different models but fail to sum them up. Example: They list every single carrier model as a different smartphone. My take on that is to list the model itself and only differentiate between the carriers at checkout.

I did not add a checkout icon, simply because this was a rather quick mockup. I also did not use LGs company font because I simply don't have it. I do however prefer their font to the one used in this mockup (Encode Sans).

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