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Almost every one of us has faced the problem of finding the right places or gates at international airports.

Singapore Airport Navigator is a mobile app for navigating around Singapore Changi Airport. It is suitable for both inexperienced travelers and seasoned travelers.You can use this application to navigate around the airport, and interactive airport map as well as search for airport facilities/stores, find their rating, and prices, find gates for departure, watch online flight boards, use the airport's additional services, order airport transfers, hotels, car rentals, etc.In this application, the user can find the place he needs on the map and build a route to it.

The application will show hints both inside and outside the application, including with the help of a dynamic island.

The value of this application is that it helps you to solve the problem of navigating through a huge airport where you can really get lost, as well as it is easy to use services and find the service you need.

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