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Hey-hey! Meet our fresh design for a Book 📗 Summary App.

Indicate your life and reading goals to receive a custom selection of book summaries 📚 Read or listen 👂 to these summaries. Every summary requires 15 minutes 🕧 tops, so you are not going to lose your motivation to read and refine your mind even when you are short of time 👍

The goals screen contains a welcome 👋 phrase and the block where you select your goals.

The Home 🏠 screen includes:

✔️the Welcome phrase;

✔️the profile picture;

✔️the top authors; and

✔️a custom book list.

The Book screen displays:

✔️the book cover;

✔️the description;

✔️the rating;

✔️the category; and

✔️the I Want to Read button.

The mysterious 🍆 purple and bright green 🍏 colors set accents all over the dark 🕶️ background.

The service offers you a list of book summaries based on your interests.

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Check out our article to learn how long it takes to develop an app.

Interface by Eugene Khalturin

Motion by Roman Logunov

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