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The client

Descartes is a global leader in uniting businesses in commerce by providing cloud-based logistics and supply chain solutions. Descartes MacroPoint™ is a real-time global freight visibility platform that provides customers with status and location information so they can see all their goods in transit in real-time, at the same time. This data is combined into a single integrated platform that addresses two growing challenges: real-time freight visibility and automated freight matching.

The challenge

By their own account, the website needed to be updated. It lacked space for the features the company wanted to develop, and it wasn't properly appealing to potential customers. The company wanted a website that targeted the corporate shipper community, better communicated its value proposition, increased conversion rates, and offered a tangible sales opportunity. Descartes wanted to appeal to enterprise prospects and emphasize that Descartes MacroPoint is secure and can combine a complete supply chain picture with a reputable corporate presence.

As a publicly traded company, it had to be careful with the information and "promises" in its communications. This has proven to be an advantage, as security standards are much higher.

Descartes' staff wanted to appeal to European shippers and emphasize that MacroPoint is secure and can combine a complete supply chain picture with a reputable corporate presence.

Not only did we need to target European shippers, but we also needed to show MacroPoint's global reach by introducing its network of carriers, since shippers themselves have only a small carrier base.

This is a selling point, as shippers can easily connect with carriers even if they don't currently work with them. However, their network can potentially be expanded if they choose MacroPoint.

The solution

We developed a modern and professional brand identity and website that provides a complete picture of the supply chain and offers an experience tailored to all audiences through the use of industry-specific cases.

Since MacroPoint's solutions are frequently updated, we've created a dedicated product update announcement section to inform potential customers about platform improvements.

In addition to the solution pages, we've also added industry-specific pages to map specific product features and connect them to the industry niche.

Since the implementation process is long and complex, we created a page that explains the steps and requirements and links them to the desired user flows.

We emphasized support and seamless integration with Descartes' solutions for any customer looking to extend their logistics or supply chain solutions beyond MacroPoint's offering.

Check the live website here.


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