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Hey! Meet our fresh learning platform design.

Use this C2C app to study or to create your own courses ✨✨✨

✔️The first screen shows the search 🔍 page. Select a category to find a course to your liking or browse the recommendations  👍

🌟 The tabs include such pages as: the Search, My Courses, and the Profile.

✔️The second screen demonstrates 👀 the group course screen and timeline. The group courses start at a certain 📅 date, whereas the individual ones have flexible schedules 🔥 

✔️Tap the podcast to go to its page. There you can listen 🎵 to the podcast, read its summary, or make a summary yourself. The shot displays the screen you see when👂 listening to a podcast.

🎨🎨🎨Maroon is a soothing color that creates a perfect peaceful atmosphere for 🧮 learning and delicately highlights important details.

🎓Study and teach 👨‍🎓 👨‍🏫

🎓Find lectures, podcasts, or articles to your liking 🧡

🎓Share your experiences and impressions 💬

Press 💜 if you like our design and share feedback!

How long does it take to make an app? Check out our article and learn!

Interface by Stepanova Anastasia

Motion by Roman Logunov

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