Application to assess the air quality in your home

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Have you ever wondered how clean your air really is? Just like your thermostat measures your air temperature, an air quality monitor constantly monitors the indoor air quality of your home. When the air needs cleaning, it automatically protects the air in your home by turning on the fan to filter the air.

The biggest problem with most HVAC filters is that you don't know when you really need to change them. Too often and you're throwing money away. Not often enough and you risk catastrophic damage to your system. An air quality monitor and an intelligent air filter that together automatically protect the air in your home.

The app makes it easy to learn more about air quality and how best to manage it. The app provides up-to-date information about the quality of outdoor and indoor air in addition to the condition of your filter and gives you a visual understanding of the condition of the filter and the degree of contamination.

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