Data Visualization Admin Dashboard: Analytics UX

It is important to note that data visualization is the display of information and analytics in a form that makes it easier and faster for the user to explore this information. As a rule, data is presented as graphs, charts, maps, and dashboards. Data might be visualized in an unusual and futuristic way or a classical and more familiar, depending on the purpose of the experience.

If we consider more interesting solutions for implementation, many interesting directions can be found. In this case, we chose a more classical data visualization approach.

However, data visualization often depends on the level of complexity and frequency of interaction with the interface. It's also important to consider other additional parameters that will affect the further evolution of the interface. So to formulate design objectives, it is necessary to analyze the audience and know the goals of the company.

In our collaboration with clients, we use detailed analysis and work closely with the customer to solve certain problems and achieve set goals.

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