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Hey-hey, pals! Hit the gas — here goes our new design for a Car Marketplace 🚗

Add your offer or view 👀 all the details about a car.

The project comprises two blocks.

The Car Marketplace includes:

✔️the car categories based on the engine types;

✔️the offer banner; and

✔️a few car cards.

A car card contains:

✔️the pictures,

✔️the car 🚘 model,

✔️the key advantages,

✔️the description,

✔️the rating,

✔️the engine type, and

✔️the price.

The dark 🕶️ background combines with the green 💚 and blue 💙 accents. Bright green is the key color here as it stands for drive and speed 🚙💨

Sell your car or buy a new one. Browse the offers to find the required engine type or view the models nominated for awards 🌟👍

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Interface by Dinara Malysheva

Motion by Nikolay Silin

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