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Hey-hey! Meet our new design of an App for Parents 👪

You can use it if you are a parent or are planning to become one. Track your child’s changes, read articles about parenting, and consult experts (psychologists, teachers, pediatricians, etc.) ✨👍

✔️The Main screen displays the key indicators: height, weight, and teeth. Besides, here the app informs you if it’s 🕧 time to sleep, eat, or spend some time outside. 

📈 chart, and the details about the healthy weight. 

✔️The teeth screen enables you to monitor teething and dental 🦷 health. Your child’s dentist will appreciate this report.

🎨 🎨 🎨 Warm pastel colors are associated with kids, family, peace, and tenderness.

Track your child’s 🧒 👧 progress, deal with possible issues, and get ready for parenting.

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Interface by Stepanova Anastasia

Motion by Maxim Esipov

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