CopyCase is a project I've had the opportunity to work on over the past few months. It's time to present the final effect of my work and the Vision Trust team. 🙌


It is a platform where you can safely store your files, documents and photos. Using CopyCase, you have at your disposal the disk space you choose: basic, standard, additional and business version. 🗄️ Each of these plans has a dedicated cloud storage capacity that you can use. ☁️


When designing, I wanted the design to be simple and understandable. 👌 However, I wanted the user to immediately know what type of platform it is when entering the CopyCase website. To achieve this effect, I put on a white background, in which I placed sections with the most important functionalities of CopyCase: a safe and easy-to-use tool. 👨‍💻

The color palette deliberately refers to the type of platform, thanks to which the use itself is more intuitive. The dominant white with the base color blue and derivatives is complemented by yellow and gray in accents. 👀

The style of this design harmonizes with the functionality of the CopyCase, and the ascetic tone contains the most essential information, making it easy for the user to use the CopyCase.


Subtle animations in this project are to make the design more attractive and enrich the minimalist tone. ✨ The animated elements that you see in the project refer to the flow of files, data flow - safe migration and where they are located. 💫

And by the way - the animations were made by the irreplaceable Motion Designer Szymon Ruszała.

Thanks for your attention!

Hit "L" If you like it. ❤️

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Enjoy and have a nice day! 🚀

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