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First off: I love VSCO Cam! 
I use it every day, and I happen to own almost every of their beautiful presets BUT…

I never ever use them…

After browsing randomly through the gallery and immediately forgetting whether I liked preset-XY or not for the fifth time I just take one of the presets they did with HYPEBEAST. Can’t do anything wrong with those bad boys. Or F2. Pretty hipster. Nevertheless. In times of mobile photography as a discipline per se and people earning money over their instagram accounts, it appears that there has to be a smarter way to edit images on the run and to make the best of your photographs. Thats what bothered me.

So I decided to put together this little concept. Compatible presets can be thrown to the “next stage”, breaking down the selection to only the presets you really consider using for the particular image. That’s a nice and natural way to figure out what your image really needs without remembering names or ordering tons of presets by preference manually. You can swipe through the presets within the same stage to directly compare them. You can even enter a third stage to make your final choice. (view full concept for that one)

Furthermore you can save the preset-selection in every stage and use it as a starting point for all your future - for example - still-life photographs.

Have fun with the concept (make sure to checkout the full version on top of this article) and of course I’m happy for every share or like and every feedback I can get!

Tell me if you’re interested in seeing more of the concept. Maybe I’ll throw together a medium article next week to show you the rest! There is a bunch of nice ideas yet to be visualized, like:

- how to save a selection of presets
- selection library
- and many more ;)

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By the way. I took this picture of my homeboy Jimbeam (thats his real name, no kidding). He kinda knows how to dress properly so make sure you checkout his Instagram.

Cheers guys! #g0

Posted on Apr 2, 2015
Manuel Haring
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