Brand Identity for Auburn Naturopathic Medicine

ANM is a naturopathic health clinic and online store that has been helping patients optimize their health naturally for many years.

ANM patients get help with the problems other doctors can’t address, that no one else could help them with.

The Challenge

When ANM approached us, they knew their product/service was strong — their patients were having success. But their brand was weak and wasn’t representing their true value.

The Solution

During our brand research process we discovered that ANM patients had strong thoughts and feelings about both the problems and solutions for natural healthcare.

We worked closely with the client to put words to those thoughts and feelings, formalize brand messages, and pair them with rich, compelling visuals — allowing ANM to communicate with their audience in a way that truly resonates.

The Result

We developed a completely new verbal and visual brand identity that aimed to capture the thoughts and feelings of their audience as they dealt with health challenges.

The result was a brand, not just a service, that their clients want to be associated with — a brand that literally speaks their language.

Build the brand you want and your competitors wish they had.

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