AngelBlock: Community Phase

Community Phase

We have been working with AngelBlock for a long time, shaping the future of cryptocurrency fundraising. We will soon show a full case study of this lovely cooperation, and in the meantime we would like to mention the Community Phase which lasts TODAY until the end of the day, so you can see the design live.

Community Phase is already one part of Web3 roadmap of projects that, before they release their token, creates an opportunity for people to join the project at a very early stage, buying the token just before it is released for trading.

We have to guide the user through a process that is quite complex and complicated for legal and regulatory reasons, it involves, among other things, going through KYC or signing a document, which often cause users to leave the process. We tried transparently aware about these steps from the very beginning.

The user deposits USDT, which immediately after the Token Generation Event will be given back to the user in the form of AngelBlock tokens: $THOL.

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