Neuro - Branding for educational platform

branding for educational platform

Visual identity is one of the four fundamentals that form a company's brand.

Branding is a powerful way to become recognizable and differentiate from others to build strong connections with customers and partners.

For Neuro educational platform we were eager to build a powerful visual presence for this brand and make it very influential on the market.

The name comes from the word neuron, which symbolizes the main element of data processing by our brain.

Let's dive deep into the results we've achieved 👇

Logo design

Since the name of the brand comes from the word neuron, which symbolizes the main element of data processing by our brain, we already know that logo will be an exciting part of this project.

We came up with the view that the logo ideation should be based on a simplified version of the neuron itself and the symbolic part is represented by a grotesque font of medium saturation.

logo design for a startup

Color palette

The colors are accented, saturated, conveying emotions, thirst, ambitions and versatility.

color palette for educational startup

General brand image

The general image is emotional, designed to show that learning can be easily structured, fun and not intimidating with its seriousness.

Such an image is achieved through the use of live photos in combination with colors and the logo itself, which acts as an element of connection between other elements, just like a neuron in our brain.

Enjoy full brand identity below 😊

brand image of a company
font for the educational startup
logo design for the educational startup
merch design for a startup
brand identity for a startup

Keep in mind that a brand identity reveals its full potential in the combination of its all elements.

A logo alone will not fulfill the function that the brand is counting on.

We are ready to elevate your brand's visual to the next level!

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