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Pantheon - April Fools

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Pantheon - April Fools easter egg pantheon retro futurism cyberpunk

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Been a while since I've posted, it's nice to stretch the muscles and also not be under NDA any more. Plus I had a lot of fun with this project and felt like sharing.

An engineer and I worked on the April Fools' Day "feature" for Pantheon. Fun little easter egg on your site dashboard (look for the "Ride the Lightning" button). - if you want to sign up for a free account. Spin up a site, check out the dashboard, and "Ride the Lightning".

I was pleased at how fast/easy this graphic came together, I've been into cyberpunk/retro futurism of late. Also hilarious how horrible I can be at photoshop after not opening it for almost a year of using Sketch for building UI.

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