Host tempo is a project in which my task was to refresh the visuals of the application. I focused on making the project more attractive and systematized. Based on the demo project I received, I introduced changes so that the project was consistent with the art of design, and at the same time became more interesting and attractive.

About the project

Host Tempo is a management application for people renting their hotels, apartments, lodgings.It helps to systematize, plan and manage bookings. 

Assuming that a user advertises in multiple places at once, or has several places that he rents, the Host Tempo app helps to collect all this information in one place. 


Among the functionalities in the Host Tempo application there is, for example, the function of checking the guest's check-in date, ordering room cleaning or checking settled payments.

One of the most interesting features is the built-in chat, where we can freely communicate with guests. In addition, an automatic answer function has been introduced: assuming that our guests' questions are repeated - about parking, attractions, restaurants or the hotel day, the application user can use an automatic answer.

When making changes to the project, I also planned animations that were supposed to facilitate navigation and make the use of the application more attractive.

Let me know how you like the design of the desktop application.

Flowing animations you see were made by our incredible Motion Design, Szymon Ruszała! 🤟

Thanks for your attention!

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