Project Seldon

This app is an attempt at an unbiased research platform for understanding societies and systems of government. We believe we're at a crossroads where many governments -- as well as other organizations -- are starting to more openly share data but not yet putting together a cohesive picture for the average citizen, journalist or student to easily see. We hope to bridge that gap by aggregating and exposing key data points as simple visualizations and more structured exports.

Hoping a case study is the right format here, we're just looking for any and all feedback the Dribbble community might have regarding the idea, functionality, experience and overall aesthetics! I'll also note that most of what you see in these mock ups is already live and free to use.


We tried to keep the landing page simple and straight to the point. No scrolling required, we're just trying to encourage people to watch the intro video and start exploring our free visualizations and data.


This section of the site allows our audience to start perusing the data from a very high level. We start them out looking at an overview of the world for the current year and then hope they will interact with the charts or year selector to dig further...

Across all these worldwide charts, each element in the chart represents a country. Hovering these elements will reveal a tooltip with more information and clicking one drills you down into a more fine grained view of that country...


We only have a few articles in this section of the site so far but we plan to add more as we deepen the functionality.


Quickly search through and export any entity in our system. This page is lightning fast due to the wonderful (and affordable) TypeSense project...

The first three cards are what's actually live in the site right now. The 4th and 5th are just experimental "loading" designs we might not actually need, the 6th is a potential way to show a card that failed to render and the 7th is an alternate layout. Clicking a card provides the user with more detailed information on the given entity...

And that basically sums up where we're at right now, though there are a couple other "Search" views we're prototyping that I could share if folks are interested.

Again, very open to any and all feedback! Please share your thoughts on how we can make this tool better...

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Posted on Nov 28, 2022
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