Sweatcoin Spin and Win” feature 🍀

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I’m Marina, and I work as a Product Designer at Sweatcoin. I focus on Monetisation side of Sweatcoin app, building experiences which ensure we can continue offering exciting rewards and run sustainable operations as a business.

I’m excited to share with you our brand new “Spin and Win” feature which we’ll be launching pretty soon. We wanted to make the ad watching experience even more rewarding & fun for our users, and therefore, we’re giving them an opportunity to spin the magic wheel with various multiples.

These multiples (the grand prize is a 5X multiple!🍀) can ultimately increase their total bonus they’ve accumulated earlier by claiming their 3 Daily Rewards.

We received lots of positive feedback when presenting this new feature during user interviews, and now it’s ready to see the wold.

Let us know what you think!


Sweatcoin — An app that rewards your steps.

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