Logo Animation for Crypto Options Trading Platform

Happy to present the logo animation I created for Synquote – a Crypto Options Trading Platform

The client requested a serious animation to use in promotional materials, on the website and even for Discord server.


After the initial briefing, I had a research & brainstorming session and came up with 3 concepts

Concept I – Hexagonal

The animation starts with revealing a hexagonal mosaic. It lights up showing something like a loading process.

Then the elements of pattern start moving counterclockwise and forming the logo icon. The text reveals.

Concept II – Call option graph

The animation starts with drawing a classic cal option income graph. It’s growing up and the line turn into a path line going upper and upper, revealing some abstract elements.

Finally, it creates the icon outline, which is being filled with color. The text reveals.

Concept III – Exchange

The animation starts with plenty of lines moving from different sides, representing stock exchange executions/trades.

Two of them are weaving with each other and create a knot, though it feels better like a bow, which looks exactly like the logo icon. Then the text reveals.

Final results

The client favorite option was concept #2 as well as the 3rd one. We've decided to prepare a simplified version of it in addition to the main animation. You can see the approved animations below.

In the very end of the project, client realized they need audio design as well, so we've prepared a nice accompaniment for the logo animation.

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