Regenerative Agriculture Animation

🌱 The Goal:

To educate and spark interest in regenerative agriculture in less than one minute.

🐜 The Hurdle:

This was part of a creative exercise to put together a video in less than one hour. This included research, sourcing footage, and putting everything together. Let's go 🏃‍♀️

🖊 Storyboarding:

The hardest part of this challenge was fact-checking my information without spending too much time on research.

Sourcing Footage:

My favorite stock footage site is Pexels, which is where I sourced the footage for this project. I focused on finding beautiful images of soil (not easy) and videos that would be high-contrast with my off-white and charcoal text.

🐌 Adding The Rip Transition

My favorite part of this video is this rip transition from above to below the soil. This was created by ripping a piece of notebook paper on my desk, taking a picture on a dark background to air drop to my desktop, and then using luma mat and the curves effect to composite out the images.

⚡️ Adding Texture:

I wanted the texture for this animation to feel like soil. After experimenting with a coupe of stock photos, I went with a picture of my mouse pad wool mat. I used more of the luma and curves effect and then created a composition with just the image that rotated every few frames. This went over the entire animation at 15% opacity and I added some extra touches to the text itself.

I like that it looks like worms and microbes.

Emma Parker
2D animator for social and environmental organizations.

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