Animation for the Design Library Concept WebsitešŸ”Š

Hi, folks. Continuing with the Design Library concept site.

In this case, I decided not to overload the design and use a minimalistic inview. First, I wanted to focus on the principles of the scroll.Ā  The "folding", overlapping sections are combined with a standard vertical scroll. With this approach, new sections appear entirely, and the inview animation occurs when the previous inview disappears.This makes the experience of using the website extraordinary.Ā 

Shout out to the one and only music genius.

Hope you like It. Press 'L' if you enjoyed It, and leave comments. šŸ˜‰

P.S. The photo and text content is still owned by the respected owners and is used only for visual purposes.


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Posted on Nov 22, 2022

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