check&place Logotype


What is check&place product? 🤔

check&place is a guest welcoming application for restaurant hosts with functions such as guest identification, table reservation, designation, and editing. 🪄

It enables the management of the processes of table arrangement and reservations, so it prevents any kind of human-related errors during the processes. It ensures customer satisfaction at the top level from the reservation to the payment step. 🤩

Design process of end-to-end 🎉

When you saw the typography and logo, did you notice that the layout and colors were the same? The timeline booking info guest card, table plans, and reservation lists inspired us.

The colors used in the logo and typography are the same. Because when used alone, it should also remind you of the check&place product.

If you look carefully at the check&place logotype, you can see small details in the font face.

Özgür Korkmaz
is a Multidisciplinary & Problem Solver Creative Designer.

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